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The Beautiful Misconception

February 10, 2015



Sometimes one can be beautiful without reason... You are simply beautiful... God made you and favored you with beauty and with the way the world is set up, you may have things go easy for you...


When you are beautiful with purpose.... People expect much more from you... There is a greatness that lies within that everyone wants to reach in and touch... BUT that particular greatness isn't like a beverage that you can go in the refrigerator and pour yourself a glass of... This type of greatness is to be served by the waitress with precision, timing, and discretion... The thing about this is IF YOU DID NOT ORDER THIS GREATNESS... It's just going to look appetizing as the waiter walks by you with it on a platter...


Beauty with a purpose is far greater than jewels, it is precious and value cannot be placed on it... Priceless... 


If you do not know your purpose it's ok to look and find it... Otherwise everything that triggers a savory gland will come for you and you will not know how to handle it .... OR everything will look appetizing to you because you have not defined what you really like...


There is beauty in you my kings and queens... OWN IT.. Define it... And don't abandon it simply to quench your thirst ... The beauty of this should reveal the struggles of being human... You are real, you have life..mistakes are OK.. Just learn from them rather than let them bury you....

the Beautiful Persons job is to not make it difficult for you to succeed by masking their potential..(absolutely not true)
Get to know yourself..... Leave the the beauty alone.... it knows its job....


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